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At Cuozzo Orthodontics, we create beautiful smiles by providing the finest orthodontic experience for people of all ages. At Cuozzo Orthodontics, our emphasis is not only on healthy teeth but also on the overall dentofacial development of your child. As a fully licensed orthodontic practice in Monmouth County, the Cuozzo Orthodontics team are specialists in the correction of teeth and jaw alignment. Orthodontics goes beyond the basics of general dentistry to focus on the ways in which a child’s face grows during puberty. A board-certified orthodontist can help you distinguish between truly effective forms of treatment and “quick-fix” procedures, as well as explain the difference between genuine research and false claims that are not supported by the American Association of Orthodontics. Many patients believe that they must have a referral from their regular dentist in order to be treated by an orthodontist; however, this is not the case. Dr. Pat will be happy to schedule an appointment with patients who do not have a referral.

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4 Swimming River Road, Suite 201



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