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Equipment Damage Consultants (EDC) provides a proven scientific approach to the assessment of actual physical damage (e.g., corrosion, electrical surge, contamination, etc.) to electronic and mechanical equipment, to determine if damages from smoke, water, dust, and vapor contamination events are indicative of the need for replacement, will impact short or long-term reliability, require restoration, decontamination or repair, or are non-impacting. We utilize our experience in responses to thousands of damage events, as well as industry standard and referenced chemical sampling and analysis techniques, to determine the potential damage caused by contaminants ranging from the long-term accumulation of particulates, to metallic particle contamination from installation, to a major fire or water leakage event. We provide: • Technical support in all aspects of disaster response methodology, service and hardware recovery of electronic equipment • Qualitative and semi-quantitative chemical assessment of contaminants and their impact on short- and long-term equipment reliability for fire, smoke, water, renovation dust, and indoor air quality (e.g., particulate or gaseous) events • Full quantitative sampling and chemical assessment of contaminants when needed for litigation and repair versus replacement decisions • Airborne particle counting to evaluate the path of contaminant migration, verify that appropriate environmental controls (air filtration, pressurization, etc.) are in-place to minimize further equipment damage, and to help prevent cross-contamination. • Establishment and oversight of restoration and decontamination procedures, as well as vendor selection support • Damaged equipment inventories and photo-documentation • Equipment salvage assessment support • Detailed technical reports, including lessons learned • Post-event reviews to prevent recurrence • Guidance on response efforts for pending disaster events (e.g., hurricanes, floods, loss of cooling capacity, etc.)


96 Riverbrook Ave.



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